Ain’t no Times Square

I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting of Times Square but it certainly wasn’t what I saw.

Not to scald you with my piping hot truth tea (because I KNOW this opinion won’t be the remotest bit popular) but if I’m being entirely honest… I was a bit disappointed.

As someone who has previously only witnessed this location in motion pictures – it was bigger, basher and bolder in my head… And filled with lots of people, potentially including a film crew.

If nothing else, it was certainly an homage to capitalism. I witnessed more adverts in the twenty minutes we posed for photo’s and wandered around the freakishly clean pavement than I have seen in my lifetime thus far.

To really appreciate the accumulative gravitas of the screens and the colours it would obviously have been even better at night. However, jet lag would ensure I could never make it past 17:00 local time so this early morning bit of sightseeing would have to do.

How do you do Times Square? Nice meeting you. In the words of Ariana Grande – thank you, next.

Mercifully a Sephora was within crawling distance so considering I had energy enough to trot around one location a day at least it wasn’t a total waste.

To say I raided the store would be putting it mildly. I skittered around like an overenthusiastic Pomeranian in my faithful Jimmy Choo croc-embossed mules grabbing handfuls of both delightful travel and full sized products from: Laura Mercier, OUAI, Benefit, Too Faced, Tarte and Anastasia etc. Face masks, beauty blenders, mineral mists, whirligigs and decombobulators were thrown in the basket, marched to the counter and popped through the till.

Everyone was incredibly friendly.

More so when they realised I was English (I call this the Helen Mirren effect)… Slightly weird, but not wholly unappreciated.

Do I regret any purchases I made?


Do I wish I had made a few more?


Disappointed that my Queen (other than her effervescent majesty Queen of all things Anglaise) Jeffrey Star wasn’t stocked there. What’s up with that Sephora?… 🤔🧐 I mean the man is a visionary makeup mogul and you are forcing me take my business elsewhere.

Think about it.

The rest of the afternoon was spent recuperating back at the Warwick in and out of the glorious bathroom, slathered in products and watching Breakfast at Tiffanys with a glass of Prosecco.

And a mini pack of sushi.




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