The internet is weird

I was in bed, alone, at quarter to one in the morning, having a silent disco to the Bryan Adams hit “Run to you” (complete with air-drum-solo) when I started idly perusing the internet. As you do.

I went the traditional route of almost all late night internet searches – random thought, search, rabbit hole of further questions, introspection, existential crisis, cat picture – followed by googling the kind of thing you would throw out to your closest friend (because… you don’t really expect a coherent answer but you just feel comfortable enough to ask and find yourself blurting it out before you can stop yourself).

And then this happened.

Which is the point at which I decided that Bryan Adams is clearly a gateway drug to internet search fuckery and eventual squirrel/tit weight correlation and therefore should be avoided at 00:45.

It was probably on a late night special of ‘Blossom’ and I missed it.


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