Cancel Culture

I’m really fed up of all this #CancelCulture

It’s insane how quickly the social media masses will indignantly grab their torches and pitchforks and converge on a public figure to tear them from limb to limb. Run them off the internet. Cancel them. FINITO.

Granted, if it comes to light that someone has committed a horrific crime this is a more understandable compulson. HOWEVER the internet is not judge, jury and executioner – and I think it regularly loses sight of that fact.

As a preventative measure, before you blindly follow / idolise a public figure… do a bit of research first.

If they have previously posted offensive videos or their actions don’t sit well with your sense of morality and nothing has changed over the years then you can make an informed decision to give that person support or not.

That way there will be less pearl clutching in your future, we can all take responsibility for the media we personally consume / who we support and be a bit more self aware in the process.

Take the Shane Dawson situation for example. Over the years he revamped his channel to have a documentarian focus and until recently had a humble, self depreciating, nice-guy image. And yet he was recently “cancelled” amid new information brought to light by Tati Westbrook regarding the part he allegedly played in the ‘Bye Sister’ dramageddon hullabaloo of 2019. Teamed with his older offensive content being trotted out into the spotlight – this made for quite the shit storm for camp Dawson.

As a result his career is (in effect) over until further notice.

Truthfully – we don’t yet fully know the extent of Shane’s involvement in James Charles’s downfall. It is all he said / she said heresay at this point with no solid evidence that Shane was one half of the evil masterplan to oust a rival and destroy his career in the process. All we know is that allegations have been made with the vague promise of what the kids call “receipts” in the future.

But… that seems a little childish and convenient to me.

Shouldn’t you have evidence to back up your allegations before you make them? And if you can’t prove what you are alleging until your lawyers say it’s okay to make things public – then you might want to keep quiet until then. Because it might take another year to get any coherent sense from these people for all we know. Which circles back to the whole “the internet is not judge, jury and executioner” comment I made earlier. Innocent until proven guilty – right?

Does anyone think this is all becoming a little too much like a bad remake of Mean Girls and all involved are making inflammatory statements on social media a la Regina George scrawling bile into the burn book?

… it just seems strange timing for Shane’s offensive videos to come to light just as these accusations have been posted up on the internet.

For those of you who don’t know Shane had a second channel called Shane Dawson TV for years that featured a lot of his older, raw, offensive footage that initially got him into the spotlight (footage including blackface, skits that involved racial stereotyping and using the n-word).

Although now there are plenty of people denouncing the older content on that channel there are still (as of today) 8.33 million subscribers…

What confuses me is – if Shane Dawson TV has been up for years and nobody has seemed to have a problem with it until now… why now?

I’m not vouching for the things he has said or videos he has posted. I am just genuinely curious.

It has been there for years. It was obviously just as offensive then as it is now


Moreover – if Shane got his initial fan base by making those dark jokes and unacceptable videos then how can the people who enjoyed them start pointing fingers? Because I’m pretty sure there are a few of those 8.33 million subscribers shouting the loudest about how reprehensible it all is. Which is beyond hypocritical.

Personally I looked into Shane before I decided to “hit subscribe” and noticed that he had indeed made some disturbing videos in the past. I also noticed that he

A) wasn’t making content like that anymore

B) had apologised multiple times for the offensive content he had made in the past

C) was instead creating fun and refreshing docuseries.

So – as I could see that Shane seemed to have grown up I chose to support who he had evolved into.

I believe that people can change. I know that everyone says and does things in their youth that are stupid or arrogant or hurtful.

They call it the arrogance of youth for a reason people.

The point is to grow from the spotty wodge of fledgeling humanity into a fully formed adult with lessons learned.

And yes, I am aware you can be an arrogant little shit without doing blackface or saying the n word or making jokes that would make Mary Whitehouse turn in her grave the way Shane did.

I’m not putting Shane’s behaviour down to over-exuberance or excusing it in any way. Thankfully the videos have all been removed from the channel in question, albeit later than they should have been.

But I’m also pretty sure if someone went through our own dirty laundry with a fine tooth comb things would come to light that would make people look at us a little differently too.

If you ask me I don’t think that Shane should be “cancelled.”

I haven’t always agreed with his style of humour – but I did thoroughly enjoy his “spooky boys” videos with Garrett and Drew, loved his various docuseries … and I can’t help feeling sorry for the poor bastard.

The court of public opinion seems to have forgotten due process.

And that’s scary.


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