New York State of mind

In exactly three weeks I will be in New York. This is very exciting, obviously. I have not entirely recovered from my nasty bought of pneumonia but as I’m also not infectious any more a little recuperation in the good old US of A is just what the doctor ordered. I want to immerse myself in the experience and go native. Gorge on coffee. Eat a gigantic piece of pizza (if my appetite makes a guest appearance) and go sight seeing. Escape the hum-drum of every day life and have a break.

… And (it goes without saying) do a lot of shopping in the process also.

The best part of this trip is that I am not going to be staying in one place. Opting instead to stay in midtown (in the heart of the big, sexy apple) before travelling to the Vanderbilt mansion and Massachusetts, returning to NYC for a final few days of debauchery.

With departure imminent I can’t help asking that old first world question…

What to pack?

I’m going for a Charlotte York / Audrey Hepburn / Chanel Oberlin /Jackie-O look with a dash of Lady Gaga that will go perfectly with my nice new blunt-cut hairdo. The key is taking a comprehensive capsule wardrobe but also leaving half of my suitcase free for additional purchases. Like foam crowns a la the Statue of Liberty for example…

Despite this luggage-space crisis and having to make harsher cuts than the doorman at studio 54 in the 70’s – I needed a pick-me-up after feeling like excrement with pneumonia. So… I ordered a few last moment essentials online that will be arriving tomorrow morning. Mercifully the trip will also give me a chance to air my fabulous embroidered velvet kimono for the occasion.

I may end up having to sit on my gorgeous Lulu suitcase to get it shut at this point.

Between you and me… I’m a bit worried getting on the plane. It’s not that i’m scared of flying rather than simply loathing the bothersome process of it. Of being herded like cattle into a winged box full of farts and germs until reaching ones destination – only to disembark tired, grumpy, marinated in epithelials and in desperate need of a shower. But, then again, when the destination is New York whats a few germs between strangers?…

Oh yea. In my experience –


*inwardly breathes into a brown bag*

So – join me on my journey around New York.

It’s going to be interesting to say the least

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