Here Piggy Piggy

Apparently it’s the Chinese year of the pig! After a quick google, I am happy to report the year of the Pig attracts success in all the spheres of life and is also a great year to make money and invest.

Good to know. If it can simply be the year I finally exterminate the moth infestation slowly consuming the carpet, all soft furnishings and every scrap of clothing in my wardrobe – I will be happy.

Mr Maybe and I decided that this year we needed to have a major regroup – pair down on clutter, put a little savings pot towards a mortgage deposit (aww), decorate to make our horrible little flat that bit more livable, probably take better care of ourselves now that we are both past the age of 30, make time to have fun and start ticking things off our bucket lists (morbid yes but practical) – basically Marie Kondo the shit out of our lives rather than just the sock drawer.

So far its going well. I have bought an insane volume of moth killing products, hired a van and a storage container in order to declutter, undergone a health screening (waiting for the results), am now in possession of a fung shui map / copy of ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying,’ bought an apple watch (and have linked it to the cruelly honest ‘my fitness pal’ app), purchased brand new workout togs and an “intelligent” scale – and as for the Bucket List? … just for starters I have tickets for Comic Con/ the secret cinema / trapeze classes AND I will be going to New York in April.

Hi 2019 – How do you like me now?

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