PSL time

Today I bought my first pumpkin spiced latte of the year.

My very first pumpkin spiced latte ever was purchased last year when I briefly ran away to Canada (I promise, I will tell that story at some point).

Initially I was excited get my hands on this much hyped-about beverage. Judging by the chatter I expected it to glow ethereally and tell me the meaning of life.

To put it bluntly – I was disappointed with this first encounter of the PSL kind. I thought the flavour would explode in my mouth, sending me on a magic carpet ride of the senses. I was instead presented with a cup of orange liquid into which the whipped cream had melted like the polar ice cap, leaving a sweaty-looking pool of fat globbing around the surface.

It tasted as good as it looked.

So, this time, I decided I would try it in both hot AND cold form to give the PSL a fair shot.

The best I can do as a reaction is…


The hot spiced pumpkin latte still had it’s signature glob of melted whipped cream fat on the top of it (always attractive) and tasted very sweet and very bland at the same time.

Alarmingly, the closer I got to the bottom the more frequently I received a mouth full of what I can only describe as spice-grit. It wasn’t incorporated spice. It looked and tasted like afterthought spice thrown in there to make the latte taste of something other than sugar.

The iced spiced pumpkin latte tasted much better if I am 100% honest, but was still insanely sweet and had a bizzare flavour.

I had no idea pumpkin tasted like that.

I don’t think anyone did actually

So – final verdict. Would I buy it again?


No I would not.

Would I recommend anyone else try it?


Well, only if you like a big cup of pumpkin spiced disappointment

Or you really don’t like someone and want to be passive aggressive about it by buying them a really crappy drink

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