Make your own luck

I have been feeling quite pensive lately for a variety of reasons. Like everyone else, I’m trying to handle life and its layers of complexities, wonders and stresses in the best way I can – and yet despite my best efforts this is how competent I feel at times :

They say that some days you are the pigeon and some days you are the statue, and lets just say it’s been a shit-coated few months. 

For example, I bought and murdered my bonsai tree in record time. I panicked. Surely the untimely death of such a plant was an ominous sign?

Or maybe I was just having a really, really bad run of luck?

One of my friends suggested that I should make my own luck.

As a patchouli scented yoga instructor she meant it in a kindly, spiritual way. A way that suggested I smoke vast quantities of hallucinogenic drugs to reach a personal epiphany; buy a money plant… Or at least unblock my chi by clearing out the vegetable bin.

But then – as luck might have it I received the following as a gift.

Perhaps the universe was taking the piss.

But I’ll take it

2 thoughts on “Make your own luck

  1. James says:

    I’d totally buy that, but my track record with plants is not great. Hope the clovers do better than your bonsai tree. Is it inappropriate to wish you good luck, given that the plant itself is supposed to bring the luck?

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